Head-to-head testing shows how Camfil Farr commercial air filters vastly outperform traditional designs over time. The secret: fine fiber media.
Impossible to see, harmful indoor particles can trigger illness, even death -- but effective air filtration can beat back the threat
Engineered for sustainability, Camfil Farr commercial air filter uses 24 percent less energy per year than competing product
With the right air filters and strategies, healthcare facilities can cut costs and airborne infections.
With the right air filtration system solution, hospitals can save energy, cut maintenance & disposal expenses, & reduce dangerous & costly airborne infections
By switching to Camfil Farr clean air solutions, healthcare facility significantly reduces total cost of ownership for air filtration systems
HVAC costs and energy use decrease, letting hospital make more efficient -- and widespread -- use of resources
Thanks to innovation and testing, Camfil Farr air filters do not experience leakage problem of rival products.
Top medical center sees better air quality -- and savings -- with Camfil Farr clean air solutions
As the demand for energy increases, organizations that use power most efficiently will prevail & green air filters can help
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